How to apply

If you feel confident that your project is in scope and fulfills the rules & regulations of the HEM Pioneer Grant, we very much look forward to your application

The application must be done online on this webpage.

Before submitting your project, please make sure to have the following ready to upload:

  • Description of your project (see specifications below)
  • CVs of you and all co-applicants

Also, please read the rules & regulations carefully, as they contain important information on the eligibility of the projects and the application process.

Specifications of the project description

The description of your project must be written in English, not exceeding four pages (Din A4, arial, font size 11) and must include the following chapters:

  1. Project title & disease area under investigation
  2. Name, address, phone number and E-mail of principal applicant/project lead
  3. Name, address, phone number and E-mail of co-applicants
  4. Introduction / Rationale
  5. Aim of the project and how it will pioneer the work potentially leading to a game-changing outcome in the selected type of blood cancer
  6. Project plan / methods (e.g. actions, milestones, endpoints, statistical methods, timelines/duration, place of project/geography, etc.)
  7. Financial plan / budget for the project and its items

Please prepare your description in WORD or PDF format.

You may want to download a project description template.